Sharp unflinching eyes

A mass of carefree springlets

and sunflower smile

A spirited firefly

Now embarks on a new life

Gritty and gallant

Intense thoughtful wise and strong

Spread your nimble wings

Your bearing will take you far

Glow like a million suns

You will always be

The most important to us

Our precious child

Take flight set your sights higher

Revel in this gift of life

Twenty two years since

A moonflower descended

from the dark night sky

Luminous and redolent

Angel smile and beryl eyed

Beautiful and brave

A fiery child spirit

Bursts forth effulgent

A rainbow for the senses

Elfin chorale cadences

Her firecracker smile

Thunderbolt in the night sky

Rich and inviting

Big heart a cauldron of love

Soft and tender like a dove

You will find true love

Give unconditionally

Your heart faith and soul

There is great satisfaction

in finding that destination

For my most precious child from your mother who loves you the most…

Go forth into this world with strength, intrepidness and adventure. Have the courage of your convictions. Preserve your purity, integrity, directness and sense of justice. Be empathetic and tactful, for every sentient being has her story.  Be magnanimous in your deeds and affections, especially with those who are important to you. Put those less privileged than yourself, first, in your thoughts and actions. And, give your best in all you do without seeking returns, for in giving you will receive immense satisfaction, meaning and contentment.

Love unconditionally, and you will experience the greatest liberation.

Conduct yourself with poise and grace. Stay calm and collected in challenging situations and keep your patience when the going gets tough. Have faith. You will only come out stronger and richer from experience.

Never give up on life, yourself or your loved ones. Always stay focused on your goals and what you wish to achieve. Never make compromises against your will. Instead, choose wisely and make adjustments that positively impact you, your loved ones and the environment around you. Surround yourself with compassionate, constructive and high –minded people.

Invest in your mind wisely. Cultivate and harvest your talents. Protect, preserve and nurture your body, the temple and keeper of your soul. Nourish and enrich your soul to enjoy lasting peace and salvation.

Enjoy your periods of solitude to reflect on your experiences and life’s lessons. Live a life with no regrets.

Believe in yourself and your dreams. Invoke the sublime force within you to always steer your conscience on the path of goodness and righteousness. Remain incorruptible.

Wishing you the world as you embark on an exciting new journey to fulfill and live your dreams…

(September 2014)


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