Buried deep: VIII

BD 1

Aching sense of loss

Youth and time frittered away

Years layered on time

Why did things turn out this way

This is life one hears her say

Entrapped from both sides

A dense dark cloud sucks her in

Life heavy with death

In that ether she stretches

Seeking like minded wretches

Arrows sear the mind

Thoughts and traces left behind

On a blank soulscape

Lightening quick with a surge

Bounce and recede in a dirge

The mind knows its mind

Reigning it in needs patience

wisdom grit and time

Like a stubborn child it fights

trying to assert its right

Catch the stillness grey

Do not let that moment fade

Even memories

Let there be reams of pictures

Varied shades with no strictures

Death with icy hand

draws her breath blood blue and cold

slinking wearily

Insidious and furtive

he creeps up without notice

Death swallowed a life

yet again like any day

Cloaked and impatient

Black bell and bare bag in hand

plucks souls before they disband


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