Buried deep: IV

Fractals 16

She has confidence

Grown older and bolder- her

life a pinch of salt

Dream anew a fresh flower

Nestling in nature’s bower

Fresh blood everywhere

Nightmares amock in dark skies

Unbridled and wild

Barefooted they stomp her mind

Gruesome landscapes left behind

The blood has congealed

Years of torment and abuse

There is no respite

She dies a fresh death each day

Waiting to be thrown away

Macabre visions

Haunt her fragile eggshell mind

Cracking all around

She tries to stem implosion

Alas! her own explosion

Fleet footed her mind

Keeps vigil and looks behind

for there is no trust

Purveyor of body-soul

On the prowl to make unwhole

Delicate flower

Silky as a baby’s blush

She enters the world

Where is the kindness to share

Tenderness to hold and care?


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