Buried deep: I

Fractals 14

There is a deep hole

that one cannot reach but feel

neither touch nor heal

Abysm of one’s past

A residue meant to last

Like a blood ulcer

it grows and feeds on her mind

This dark emptiness

With a needle strong she strikes

and brings her deliverance

May all things beastly

be banished from this planet

Never to return

May only truth beauty peace

and goodness prevail on earth

Her dream catcher brings

haunting images now past

to resurrect them

Long gone ghosts since descended

will now remain suspended

There is no closure

Accept there never will be

Move on with the tide

Indelible signatures

of a life that could have been

Bitterness rears

its angry head within her

Wanting some answers

There will never be closure

A life undone then redone


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