Encounters: VIII

Sarkeel cuckoo

Aria Aurora

The brain fever bird

energetic yet plaintive

Autumn canticles

The peepal tree is fertile

with nesting chick melodies




and patience your time has come

Revived a phoenix

Rising from the cool ashes

Nadir – zenith confluence

Fractals 12

Soul inferno

The hours have stoked your soul

melancholic restless… peace

in absentia

There is a higher purpose

let serenity prevail

Dusk 1

Dusk spray

As sundown settles

A caravan of colours

on the horizon

explode in full strength

A night rainbow in full bloom


Bamboo child

Slender and yellow

A bamboo shoot emerges

from the thicket

Drenched a hundred peridots

glisten in the morning sun



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