Encounters :VII




The frangipani

looks at the moon pale with scent

A warm yellow glow

Bow tailed a drongo hovers

An evanescent shadow


Pale and sombre the

canaries waiting to die

Water marks of love’s

red lantern she kept alive

Memories of her for him

Basset hound

Ocean Eyes

Frisky white and brown

Rummaging a basset hound

stubbornly canters

Long ears and muzzle searching

for spoils in the flower bed

Pond at sunset

Liquid echo

Incandescent pond

Molten gold, silver, copper

The hues of fire

Viridescent a mirage

Frozen for posterity

Sunbird 2

Diamond dust


An iridescent sunbird

hovers in the glade

A diamond spray on yellow

drawing ambrosial dew


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