Encounters :V



Peaches and cream her

complexion translucent and clear

Glowing resonance

An aura intense and strong

Each atom a love temple

Fishpond 3

Tranquility peeps

at the fish in the pond

Live-wire fires

scintillate in crystal calm

An ocean breeze gently sweeps


The ema quivers

Plaintive on a blood red chord

Her wish echoing

Life lost deserted within

A prayer for rebirth again

Sarkil cuckoo

The Sarkeel Cuckoo

Puffed lungs explode with rain song

A wet earth looks on

Palpable and sonorous

An earth – air confluence

Chameleon 1

Orange then yellow

The chameleon slithers

in the grassy glade

A live jewel reticent

fluorescent evanescent

Pie dog 4

Black coat white breasted

freshly coiffured manicured

His canter says it

A beast just like a man he

condescendingly asserts



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