Encounters :III

Lentil soup

A sunset yellow

The lentil pool deep gurgling

rich in nourishment

Slender beans effulgent green

float contentedly in wait

Mountain peaks

Sun kissed morning peaks

Rose pink bright orange dust blue

in reticent hues

Thin and cool the atmosphere

casts a special glow within

Pine trees

Pine trees scented cones

Luscious green needles shimmer

A blue sky reflects

The breeze heaves with ocean sound

gently wafts through each needle


The voice of a bell

when plucked as it leaves the bell

A fleeting moment

catch the sound palm of the hand

as it dissolves into one


The woodpecker haunts

the banyan tree with its peck

A hole emerges

Dark and deep it scrambles in

to check the home it has made


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