Encounters :I


Autumn moon

The moon a gold coin

A pearl in an oyster shell

throbs in the night sky

Expectant and quivering

Awakened by her lover

Tree pie 2

 Wing song

Cheeky and orange

a tree pie voice sonorous

escapes the neem tree

As the coolness condenses

a string of canto cadences


Phantom tandav


A darkness descends

Demons spring alive to haunt

the serene stillness

Macabre landscapes taunting

the dewy freshness of peace

Phantom 1

In that holocaust

coruscate consciousness streams

from the fountain source

Singed and burnt the phantoms flee

the mind-field serene and free

Bird tree

 Winged euphony

A symphonia

Plaintive bird song throngs the glade

in multiple shades

The coolness of evening pales

as the winged crescendo fades




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